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Many women have concerns about their future fertility. With infertility affecting one of eight couples, it is often common for a woman to experience a complicated physical and/or emotional journey to motherhood.


A woman’s nutrition habits play a large role in her ability to get pregnant. Our Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, Laura Hartlein is available to give you direction. We believe this is the first step on your journey.


Chinese medicine and acupuncture offer you natural ways to increase fertility during the critical three to six months before conception.


Supplements can play a vital role in your health, and in your fertility journey. Paradigm has an exclusive relationship with Theralogix. 


Yoga as a tool for infertility is powerful. Yoga does wonders for the entire body and mind even beyond just supporting a woman’s fertility.


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Welcome to Paradigm: Beyond Infertility

Paradigm: Beyond Infertility provides integrative healthcare for a community of reproductive-aged women and couples. When faced with infertility, many women identify with disappointment and uncertainty which often becomes a life-changing event. Paradigm provides an avenue of love and support, encouragement, and guidance mostly through lifestyle modifications. As you prepare for pregnancy, your needs can be personalized through Paradigm. We provide access to a variety of specialist with expertise in reproductive health and infertility management, nutritional guidance, family and individual counseling, yoga for stress reduction, and acupuncture designed for women going through fertility cycles. All of these services can be personalized for your benefit. We consist of health care practitioners with years of experience in reproductive health and a community of reproductive-aged women, all of whom are passionate about each others success.

We implement holistic healthcare, focusing on the integration of mind and body activities by blending the best of evidence-based western and eastern medicine. Whether you are just planning to become pregnant or you have been diagnosed with infertility and pursuing complex treatments through Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), we provide an interdisciplinary team approach to your unique needs and tailor plans specifically to each individual. At Paradigm, we focus on your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being, with a goal of creating an optimal vessel for future pregnancy.

Real Talk

As a “Type A” personality, being told there are things outside of my control is incredibly daunting. I had a lot of obstacles in my way as I struggled with infertility including endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, uterine polyps, and poor egg quality. I refused to accept these as my truth and worked hard to make improvements to my body in any way that I could. I understood that IVF was likely my only path forward in becoming a mother, but refused to believe that I could not play an active role in that process. I researched as much as I could and spent a lot of time with other women facing infertility and going through IVF treatments. The only way to feel “normal” when you are facing infertility is to talk to other women who have walked the path before you.

In the months leading up to my IVF treatments, I made changes to my diet, changed some of the products I was using, started taking more supplements, took time to meditate, was more intentional about exercise, and genuinely focused on taking better care of my body. One large part of my wellness regimen was acupuncture. For me, acupuncture was more than a treatment; it was time of meditation and reflection. While I could not see the impacts acupuncture was having on the inside of my body, I used this time to relax and focus on positive outcomes. After a successful egg retrieval, I decided that I wanted acupuncture to be a part of my embryo transfer as well. My research showed that acupuncture on the day of an embryo transfer has the most positive impact when it is performed on site. With an embryo transfer, there is really very little a patient can do but hope and pray that the embryo sticks! For me, bringing the acupuncturist into the clinic to give treatments before and after my transfer made me feel like I had a little control over the situation. I am happy to report that my transfer was successful and I am expecting twins April 2020!

My biggest advice in facing infertility is to do your homework and ask lots of questions. There are things that you can do to help improve your outcome whether trying to conceive naturally or through fertility treatments. Find someone who has walked this path and share your journey with them. Infertility can be incredibly lonely when you don’t have someone to share it with that has been in your shoes. Keep the faith and take control of your narrative!

Anna Thames

MRM Patient

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