Take it easy on the sugar while trying to conceive. Studies have shown that excess sugar can suppress the immune system. Also, repeated use of excess sugar can lead to a host of fertility problems including hormone disruption, PCOS, insulin resistance, vitamin and mineral deficiency and yeast infections.

Try these tips for staying healthy during Halloween:

  • Eat before you trick or treat or attend a party- being full and satisfied will help make healthier decisions.
  • Only buy candy you do not like to eat so you are less likely to indulge.
  • Have healthier snacks on hand.
  • Stay well hydrated which helps you control your sweet cravings.
  • Shower your trick or treaters with toys instead of sweets.
  • Let yourself celebrate. If you make healthy eating a daily habit, a day or two of overindulgence is perfectly acceptable. Decreasing the frequency of overindulging is key to your weight and fertility success.