According to the American Pregnancy Association, research shows that food choices and healthy nutrition are linked to fertility health in both men and women. Lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise are also proven to impact fertility as stated by the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study. Specific changes in dietary and lifestyle choices can not only improve fertility but will also support a healthy pregnancy and possibly reduce the occurrence of miscarriage.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of planning for pregnancy or currently undergoing fertility treatments, we can work together to incorporate natural alternatives designed to optimize your fertility. Making positive dietary modifications can improve your chances of getting pregnant and can reinforce a nourishing environment for baby.

Topics we can address:

  • Weight management to improve fertility (weight gain or weight loss)
  • PCOS and Insulin resistance
  • How to incorporate principles of a plant-based diet
  • Mindful Eating
  • Using diet and supplements to improve egg and sperm quality
  • Nutrition needs by trimester and healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • Post-partum weight loss plan and making certain optimal nutrition post-partum for mom and baby
  • Environmental toxins
  • Endometriosis
  • Inflammation

The initial session with the dietitian will include a review of a 3 to 5-day dietary recall and discussions relating to eating behaviors and nutrition history, past and present relationship with food, health/lifestyle practices, and personal goals as related to our work together.  The dietitian will assess needs and collaborate with the individual on an initial plan to assist her in meeting health goals.  The patient will leave with the resources and tools to begin implementing positive changes into practice following the first consultation.  In follow up sessions, the dietitian will troubleshoot challenges and review necessary changes in order to refine patient’s modification plan and goals.  The fertility nutrition program offers individual consultations that provide education and strategies on how to optimize health for conception and pregnancy, using foods to improve fertility and provide support for a successful pregnancy outcome.

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Virtual Nutrition

“Virtual Nutrition” is a service that Paradigm is proud to offer. While many appointments must be done in facility, we are now able to offer dietary services both on site and off. With many of you traveling hundreds of miles, there are times where a virtual visit may be more convenient for you. We offer times and dates that fit your schedule and provide all the services that you can receive in a face to face consultation. Our dietitian uses Telenutrition which entails a nutrition and supplement evaluation, nutrition plan of care, and nutrition for fertility education via phone or computer.

Requirements only include you have a private and quiet room for the consultation and a phone or computer with audio/visual capabilities.

Meet Paradigm’s Registered Dietitian

Laura Hartlein, MS, RDN Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

For over a decade, Laura Hartlein has worked in a number of clinical and educational environments, maintaining the goal of wellness and healthful living for her patients and clients. Whether their goals were weight loss or fertility, her personal, attentive treatments have proven successful in a range of patients and personalities. Laura relies on and advocates a combination of organic and pure ingredients, physical activity and the purest supplements to maximize the success of her clients. A mother of three and a dedicated wife and community leader, she is empathetic to a busy schedule and works diligently to create a program that is feasible for her clients. She offers consistent accountability calls and face-to-face operations that allow them to meet their goals while simultaneously maintaining a health journey that is realistic and one that produces long-term results. Laura has lived in the Northeast Jackson area her entire life. She is a graduate of Jackson Academy (‘00) The University of Mississippi (‘05) and The University of Southern Mississippi (‘07). She currently resides in Madison, Mississippi with her husband and three children.