A Massage Is What The Body Needs

One of the newest integrative approaches in reproductive medicine, massage not only has benefits of relaxation and stress reduction, but several studies have reviewed the benefits of massage in conjunction with frozen embryo transfers.

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What Are The Benefits Of Massages?

Massages increase blood flow throughout the body, reduce the production of stress hormones and negative affects they have on the body. Massages also stimulate the lymphatic system, which plays a huge role in the body’s immune system.

Meet Becca

Becca has practiced massage therapy since 2015 in the Jackson metro area. She practices a blend of Swedish, deep tissue, and neuromuscular therapy.

The benefits of massage therapy are many including an increase in blood flow throughout the body and reducing the production of stress hormones which can significantly reduce anxiety, depression, and the negative affects these have on the body. Massage also stimulates the lymphatic system.

Becca also practices prenatal and hot stone massage, which has the same healing affects for the body. Becca believes massage therapy to be one of the highest forms of self care that we can give ourselves.

Becca Stamatic

Massage Therapist