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What is Paradigm: Beyond Infertility?

Paradigm: Beyond Infertility is a community that provides holistic therapies for complementing infertility treatments including nutrition, acupuncture, yoga and much more.

Paradigm provides integrative healthcare for a community of reproductive-aged women and couples. When faced with infertility, many women identify with disappointment and uncertainty which often becomes a life-changing event. Paradigm provides an avenue of love and support, encouragement, and guidance mostly through lifestyle modifications. We implement holistic healthcare, focusing on the integration of mind and body activities by blending the best of evidence-based western and eastern medicine. 

What we do

Our mission at Paradigm is to provide patients with a unique and positive experience for women and couples, merging a variety of holistic self-care practices with reproduction.


We help coordinate a personalized plan through the use of integrative and complementary therapies to improve your fertility journey. In addition, a complete conventional medical plan will be implemented, if necessary, through Mississippi Reproductive Medicine.


Dietary and lifestyle habits play a fundamental role in reproductive health. We offer a variety of options from fertility screens to detailed personalized plans including nutritional supplements and lifestyle modifications for your individual needs.


Since 1978, yoga has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and often improve fertility outcomes. Ideally, 2-3 sessions per week for 6-12 weeks would be recommended, and both in-person virtual yoga has shown benefits.


Since 2002, many acupuncture studies have shown positive outcomes with pregnancy success. Depending on the fertility treatment, between 30-91% of women have reported using acupuncture to enhance therapy.


We recognize the importance of your mental health and collaborate with licensed counselors and former infertility patients to create a community of supportive and positive interactions for clients. It’s never too early or late to include this often missed service.


One of the newest integrative approaches in reproductive medicine, massage not only has benefits of relaxation and stress reduction, but several studies have reviewed the benefits of massage in conjunction with frozen embryo transfers.

From Our Clients

“To say that these holistic practices helped is an understatement. We were blown away by the difference these treatments made in our journey to become pregnant. I fully believe it was this holistic approach that aided our fertility treatments.”


Paradigm Patient

“Sex and the City introduced me to the idea of acupuncture for treating infertility, but I’d never personally known anyone who’d tried it. And since I was terrified of needles– I’d never imagined I would. At a fellow patient’s suggestion, I decided to visit Jerusha Stephens for acupuncture. I’ll never know if acupuncture and diet really made a difference in my IVF cycle, but I know it made me feel as empowered as possible in a situation that was in many ways out of my control.”


Acupuncture Patient

“I was skeptical and unmotivated to start working out and eating better. I knew it would be hard and was way easier (and fun, at the time) to wallow in my self-pity and eat my feelings. Taking that leap forward helped so much and it also had benefits with the actual pregnancy and childbirth.”


Nutrition Patient

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